Many Insurance Needs. One Agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Do you accept credit cards?
    A. While we do not accept credit cards, many of our carriers do. Would you like to Make a Payment?

  2. Q. I was in an accident. What do I do now?
    A. Always call the police so a report can be made which will outline what happened. If you were at fault, do not say so or apologize, as it may limit your carriers ability to work on your behalf. Call the phone number on the back of your insurance identification card so you can report the claim directly to your insurance carrier. An adjuster will contact you to to ask any additional questions he/she may have and make arrangements for repair of your vehicle, if necessary. You may also Report a Claim on our website.

  3. Q. Do you offer payment or installment plans?
    A. Absolutely! Plans differ between carriers, but you will be offered the best options that are available.

  4. Q. What happens if my policy cancels?
    A. Call us as soon as you know coverage has cancelled so we can see if there are arrangements that can be made with the carrier. If not, sometimes we can rewrite a policy for you with another carrier.

  5. Q. Can I purchase flood insurance from you?
    A. Definitely! We are able to provide coverage that is backed by the Federal Government and excess coverage through many well established carriers.

  6. Q. Are you an insurance company?
    A. No. We are an Agent and Broker. We are an Agent for many well known insurance carriers. See Companies We Represent. In addition, we are able to broker coverage through many other companies allowing us to provide you the best coverage at the most reasonable price.