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How to lower your auto insurance premium
By Michael R. Sikora on 2/26/2011

Cheap auto insurance coverage is not the same as low-cost coverage.

Lowering your automobile insurance premium can be as easy as a few simple steps. Understanding what coverage is important and should not be decreased is where having an agent proves essential.

Here are a few suggestion to lower your premium without affecting your underlying liability coverage:

  1. Increase your deductible 50% or 100% ($500 to $750 or $500 to $1,000 which are industry standard deductibles).

  2. If your credit is subpar, paying your bills on-time will increase your overall insurance score.

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  3. Make sure your Added Personal Injury Protection (APIP) is not more than your current wages.

  4. Check that you aren't paying for roadside assistance or towing if you have coverage through another company (e.g. AAA, OnStar, AARP).

  5. Provide young drivers a vehicle that does not require full coverage (comprehensive & collision).

  6. Consider a sedan or similar vehicle instead of a high performance vehicle with a larger engine.

  7. Watch & obey the speed limit and other road signs.

  8. Check your vehicle's lights (headlights, turn signals, brakes, etc) at least once per year to make sure they are functioning appropriately.

  9. Carpool. Driving less miles annually can lower your costs across the board and there's much less chance of getting a violation if you're not the driver.

  10. Determine the value of your vehicle. It might not make sense to carry full coverage or you may opt for comprehensive only which tends to be significantly less expensive than collision.

  11. Know how much more insurance will cost you before you purchase a new vehicle.

  12. Consider bundling all of your coverages with one carrier to minimize the number of bills you receive and save up to 30%.

Most important of all, if you get a quotation that seems to be priced better than what your Agent has provided, make sure you discuss it with him/her. Often important coverages, like personal injury protection and uninsured motorists, are lowered significantly and will present a serious problem if you are in an accident. Saving a few bucks is not worth it if you jeopardize coverage.

A licensed and experienced Agent can listen to your needs, goals, and budget to provide you the best options.

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